Hi-Def Construction Site Security Camera Systems

Construction Site Security Camera System in New Jersey & Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera Systems for Construction Sites and Hard to Reach Locations in
NJ, PA and NY

Construction surveillance is a serious issue. Our Solar Powered Wireless Construction Hi-Def Cameras give you the ability to watch your construction site for progress or safety from your construction trailer, office or a smartphone.

These cameras can help prevent theft, material misuse and make sure workers are putting in an honest day's work. In addition, knowing there are actively monitored security cameras on job site, workers in every trade are more likely to focus on their jobs and act appropriately.

Solar Powered Wireless Construction Site CamerasNo Power, No Problem!!!

How do these Cameras Work? Typically we install a NVR (Network Video Recorder) inside the Construction Trailer. Actual cameras can be installed on the trailer itself, or on a pole. In case of a pole, we have completely wireless, solar powered cameras that talk back to the trailer over a high speed point to point wireless link.

Simply put, cameras can be installed anywhere on the construction site and monitored from within the trailer or a smartphone.

How Long is Video Retained in the System? Typically an eight camera system will retain video for around 60 days. Four camera system will retain it even longer.

Can I View Cameras Remotely? Yes. Cameras can be viewed remotely using an iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone, Tablet or a Laptop.

What about Remote Playback? Yes. Video footage can be played back remotely using iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone, Tablet or a Laptop.

Do I need Internet Access at the Construction Site? Yes and No. If you have Internet access available at the construction site, you would not have to pay for Cellular Data to monitor the cameras using smartphones.

If there is No Internet available at site and you need remote viewing capability, a suitable Cellular Data Device (from Verizon or AT&T) with a data plan will be needed to give you the ability to remotely monitor site cameras. Cellular data will be used only when someone logs in from outside to view the live footage or video playback.


Construction Site Remote Security Camera System in Pennsylvania, New York

In Case of Solar Powered Cameras, How Long do Batteries Last? Our Systems are designed to run on battery power for at least 48 hours. On sunny or even overcast days, solar panels generate enough power to charge the batteries. With this arrangement there is minimal risk of camera system running out of power.

System Features:
Recording: Continuous, Scheduled, Motion Detection and Smart recording, Disk space recycling (auto delete oldest recording), Video Loss Detection, Auto Record after System Reboot and more.

Playback: Video Search, Play, Rewind or Fast Forward Video Footage while Recording, Export Single Frame or Movie Clips to AVI files with Date and Time Stamp.

With experience of hundreds of security cameras installation at various customer locations, we can help you choose the right security camera system for your construction site that will meet or exceed your requirement.

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