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CCTV Security Cameras provide owners and law enforcement "after the fact" eyes to the crime scene. No one looks at most CCTV footage well until after a crime is committed.

License Plate Cameras (LPR) augument overall security strategy and can play a key role in solving petty crimes such as theft, break-ins, illegal dumping to serious crimes such as terrorism, arson, murder, rape, robbery, burglary, and kidnapping.

For example, let's assume a building in New Jersey is vandalized and Police are on the scene. Security Camera System footage shows a red car driving away from the building but the license plate is not readable. There are hundreds of red cars on the streets. Since the video footage does not show a positive ID, it is difficult or nearly impossible for law enforcement officials to solve the crime.

Whereas having a License Plate Imaging and/or Recognition System on premises can be a game changer because the red car's license plate will be readable day or night making the unsolvable crime solvable in a matter of minutes!

Below are a few real life examples of license plates captured by our security camera systems installed at apartment complexes and office buildings in New Jersey & Philadelphia Metro Area (last character of plate has been obscured to protect owner's identity):

Day Time Night Time
License Plate Camera PA Night Time LPR NY
Day Time Tag Reader NJ Night License Plate Capture NJ

What is the Difference between License Plate Recognition and Imagining? License plate "imaging" takes a picture of the plate with a specialized camera and saves the image within the CCTV Security Camera Recorder.

Whereas License Plate "recognition" is a two step process. In first step plate image is captured with a specialized CCTV license plate imaging camera. In second step captured image is processed by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to convert the license plate number into text. Plate image and text are then stored in a database and/or processed against a known list.

For places like apartment complexes, parking lots, garages, warehouses, malls, schools and hotels having a license plate imaging only system is sufficient. This system gives you the ability to play back the video footage, take a snapshot of the license plate for Police or your own records.

In order to have good results, license plate (LPR) cameras have to be placed strategically at facility entrances and exits.

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