Card Building Access Control Systems in New Jersey

Card Access Control System in NJ

Card/Keyfob/Biometrics Door Access
Control Systems in New Jersey

We have been installing Card Access Control Systems in New Jersey suitable for warehouses, small businesses, doctors offices, schools, daycares and similar facilities for last many years.

Our door access control systems support keyfob, cards and fingerprint based credentials and RFID readers. Systems are scalable from a single door access controller all the way up to an enterprise system with multiple locations and hundreds of doors.

How do Keyless Card Door Access Control Systems Work? Access Control Systems manage entry and exit of authorized people through a secure area such as front door, filling room, fitness room, computer lab, or swimming pool.

For example, at a day care facility, each parent is issued a credential such as a keyfob, a pin number or a card. When parent presents this credential to the access control reader installed outside the door, building access control system decides if this parent is authorized to enter the building during a certain timeframe or not then it triggers the electronic lock installed on the door. Advance systems can even utilize parent's fingerprints as a credential.

All of our Building Access Control Systems are fully scalable. You can start with a single door then add additional doors down the road to the same system.

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What About Old School Metal Keys? With old school metal keys there is no "access control" or "audit trail". Any person with a metal key can open any door that the key works on. For example if a worker is let go, all door locks have to be rekeyed to lock him/her out.

With a Keyless Electronic Door Card Access Control System in place, there are no metal keys. InNo More Keysstead people are issued electronic credentials such as a keyfob shown above.

Access to the secure area can be controlled by user, date, time, holiday etc. As an example, at a warehouse non-management staff can be locked out of management offices with a few clicks of the mouse.

Access can be easily managed and monitored remotely within the building or over the Internet by utilizing your existing network infrastructure. Our Door Access Control systems have audit trails and door access schedule capabilities.

If you are starting a new business we can even help you build a solid IT infrastructure for your business that will include computer network, security cameras, building access control and IP telephone system.

Below are some of the benefits that commercial facilities can realize by implementing a card access control system in the buildings:

  • One Credential for Multiple Sites: Ability to link remote sites to a centralized system through the Internet; giving users access to multiple sites with just one credential.
  • Distributed Access, Centralized Control: Enable or Disable access to a particular user or group of users all remote sites through a centrally located web interface using a web browser.
  • Control of Contractor Activity: Assign credentials to expire after a contract is over and maintain a digital record of all system events involving contractors.
  • Easy Card Management: Easily issue or revoke keyfobs and PINs for staff and contractors without the hassle of managing keys and re-keying locks.
  • Real Time Monitoring: Ability to view real-time door activity with a picture of the person at the door.
  • Protection of High-Value Assets: Provide secure access control to computer rooms, stock rooms, shipping and receiving areas, medicine storage, customer records etc.
  • Report Generation: Track the movements of staff, contractors and visitors through an intuitive report generator.
  • Simple Import and Export: Easily import and export credential holders in CSV format.

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